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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Example of Randy Galloway - The Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones, The Media & Sobriety

Well, the Dallas Cowboys are winners for the first time in this 2014 season! And the spirits are already flowing!

We've got the Cowboys Defense talking as if they're the second coming of Doomsday I & II, as well as Jimmy Johnson's top-ranked version of the 90's, all in one unit.

Then you've got the media, including all the so called professionals who should know better, leading the charge, practically agreeing with everything the Cowboys players are saying. Objective, unbiased reporting and analysis anyone?

Well, I say the media is leading the charge. Actually, that's not quite the case. The media is really following the inebriating trail of Jerry Jones. His 200 proof, vintage, smooth sipping Koolaid, aged all of 24 hours, has found a comfortable home among this close-knit group known as Jerryholics Anonymous. They trail Jones like the faithful all-in-one Bartender-Brewery Magnet he has become, afraid that too many hours without Jerry's special brew will lead them into the vast world of sanity most others experience on a daily basis. God Forbid!

Before we proceed any further, let's perform a Public Service Identification for all forced to suffer their personal space invaded by such second hand dribble this contingent of snared drunkards conspire to peddle as inspired journalism. We start with that bastion of Cowboys' informational integrity from Dallascowboys.com led by ole timer Mickey Spagnola. At one time a professional sports journalist beyond reproach among the likes of Randy Galloway, Frank Luksa and Blackie Sherrod, he now spends his time supporting all things Jerry & the Cowboys by offering the most incredible litany of excuses worthy of the most hardened Jerryholic, then accepting payment from Jerry's ever increasing vault of cash. Journalistic objectivity? Not that would be noticed!

After that comes the DallasCowboys.com underlings such as Nick Eatman, Bryan Broaddus, Rowan Kavner, David Helman, Derek Eagleton, Ed Cahill and Shannon Gross. They are simply paid patsy's of Jerry's and slovenly regurgitate the official utterances from the distillery at Valley Ranch, acting as human breathalyzers for the public to determine the specific level of inebriation being offered for consumption. Accurate reporting? About as much as you could expect from staff drunkards!

Next up are the local Newspaper Journalists, Columnists and Cowboys beat writers. They include, Rick Gosselin, Tim Cowlishaw, David Moore, Kevin Sherington, Jerry Fraley, Barry Horn, Gil LeBreton, Mac Engel, Clarence Hill Jr., Charean Williams and Drew Davison. This group includes some notable personalities known for their NFL expertise as well as concise reporting and analysis. But it seems that tenure has seen many imbibing for so long that Cirrhosis of the Reporter has set in. Too much of Jerry's Brew for too long has seen their Journalistic Liver unable to adequately process the impurities of Jerry's World. This condition finds them tender and unwilling to take in anything not offered through journalistic feeding tubes. Consistent Substance? Nah. Just public pablum!

Next up are the Local and National Television Network Affiliate anchors and analysts along with Local and National Radio Talk Show hosts. This highly visible and audible group may be the most hardened members of JA simply because they employ the most widely consumed broadcast mediums which, not only provide broad avenues for the high ratings Jerry covets, but also instant inebriation for the masses. Jerry readily admits that he monitors the media more than anyone else. What good Brewmaster wouldn't keep tabs on the public response, as well as the entire spectrum of transportation options available to directly deliver that special Brew the public craves. And deliver Jerry Brew they do!

This group is too numerous to mention them all, so I will limit this list to the Television and Cable Networks. ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, ESPN, ESPN1, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNU, CNN, FOX SPORTS1, NFL NETWORK, CBS SPORTS NETWORK, NBC SPORTS NETWORK, etc.

All of the above tend to form a very loyal, cohesive group, and at best, exist as incestuous parasites, living off of each other with Jerry's Boot Leg Brew providing the common sustenance while inbreeding genetically ingrained cohorts for Jerry's Recovery group. While a few abide on the fringes, offering opinion and analysis that borders on viable, the overall tendency is to remain true to the brand of Brew Jerry provides while offering an obtuse viewpoint for entertainment purposes only. The entertainment drama Jerry readily provides generally trumps hard cold facts, especially if those facts disagree with Jerry's official viewpoint in any way.

Such is the state of stupor the Jerryholic Media currently finds itself in. One Cowboys win has them staggering over each other to report the return of Jerry's 'Boys and their vaunted Defense. One mediocre win and the Cowboys are Super Bowl bound!

Of course, I must mention the one personality to escape this fellowship of Jerry's. Yes, Randy Galloway is the only one able to grab his cigars, nag betting lines, bottle of Jose Cuervo and find the nearest retirement exit. Battered and scarred from Jerry's repeated attempts to convert him to his select group of Brew Master assistants, Randy has faithfully executed his duties without succumbing to the enticements of perpetual inebriation. Randy has performed the journalistic equivalent of Drinking Responsibly by ending a long career as a faithful soldier should, finishing the battle, but on his terms, not Jerry's.

And what do we attribute as the key to Randy's success and survival? Was he just too smart? C'mon, Randy would be the first to nix that idea. Good looking? I think Randy has spoken many time over the years about that issue!  Was he too tough for Jerry? Nah! He's not the combative type!

Randy Galloway has been one thing that Jerry Jones has not consistently been over the years. The word is "sober."

And sobriety, devoid of any of Jerry's flowing spirits, resides in reality, which is where the Cowboys and the rest of the media need to return to as quickly as possible!

Here's to sobriety!

Friday, February 28, 2014

The Education of Jerry Jones - The Dallas Cowboys, Jimmy Johnson & Contracts

"I intend to have a complete understanding of contracts, jocks, socks, and TV contracts.           There’s no way I can look in the mirror if I don’t understand anything about this business."
-- Feb. 25, 1989, the day he purchased the team

It is interesting indeed that Jerry Jones specifically mentions contracts the day he agreed to buy the +Dallas Cowboys. In fact, it was a "complete understanding" of these contracts that he intended to possess.

As a successful business man from the slippery wildcatting world of oil, it is to be presumed that Jerry Jones brought a certain level of understanding about contracts to his new venture. We can also presume that the above quote had more to do with becoming more familiar with contracts in the world of The National Football League.

It can be presumed also that the man he hired to succeed Tom Landry as Head coach of America's Team, Jimmy Johnson, already possessed a certain level of understanding regarding professional football contracts, at least those binding agreements of the Head coaching variety. Connected to this understanding is also the necessary prerequisites for a successful team, for it is the existence of this dual understanding that provided the germination leading to back to back Super Bowl wins for Owner Jones and Coach Johnson as well as the demise of perhaps the greatest team in NFL history.

This dual understanding is taken from the fact that Jimmy Johnson refused to sign a contract to coach the Cowboys unless he had full and final authority over all personnel.

The inglorious beginning of a 1-15 season, coupled with the fact that Jerry Jones was extremely busy trying to plug the huge financial losses the Cowboys were experiencing when he bought the team, kept this vital term of their contract from surfacing. When the next year saw the on-field reward of a playoff berth thwarted only by losing the last two games as a result of a Troy Aikman injury, it was evident that the Cowboys' Star was on the rise. With the financial outlook also corrected, the attention of the General Manager could now be focused elsewhere, including a complete understanding of contracts. And focusing on contracts was what Jerry Jones began to do with a vigor he brings to every business endeavor.

During the next season, Jones approached Johnson about deleting the contractual term giving Johnson all power over personnel. 

And the saga was on!

It would continue until Jones made the following famous quote weeks after their second consecutive NFL Championship in 1994.

“I think there are 500 coaches who could have coached this team to the Super Bowl."
-- March 23, 1994, Jones to the Dallas Morning News on Jimmy                          Johnson after consecutive Super Bowl titles

“Nothing new. Just another day in the life of the Dallas Cowboys."
-- March 24, 1994, when asked about why Johnson stormed out of the NFL owners meetings

It was also just another day in the education of Jerry Jones regarding contracts. With Johnson's continued refusals to cede contractual authority over personnel, Jones came to realize that there was only one way to eliminate that vital term. Eliminate the person holding that power. 

So two months after rare back to back Super Bowl victories, Owner Jerry Jones was now a General Manager holding the authority he so desperately desired. 

The Dallas Cowboys have never been the same. They have never recovered. 

Yes, Jones achieved his third Lombardi Trophy two years later, yet the victory has proven hollow. Jones  has failed to receive credit for that championship. Popular opinion holds that it was achieved with "Jimmy's" players and coaches. 

While the education of Jerry Jones regarding contracts can be considered complete, the gridiron profit has been nil. The Cowboys have just experienced their 18th consecutive season without a championship, an unprecedented stretch of futility in their history. 

And Jerry retains full authority over all personnel.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Victories - When Real football was the Norm in Dallas

I thought it was time for a little reminiscing, back to a time when Winning football was the real attraction in Dallas, not glitz and glamour. Enjoy the parade of pics from Super Bowl VI, the Cowboys first Super Bowl victory over the Miami Dolphins.

Some players deserve a second mention. That's the case for Roger!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Victories - When Real Football in Dallas was the Norm

I thought it was time for a little reminiscing, back to a time when Winning football was the real attraction in Dallas, not glitz and glamour. Enjoy the parade of pics from Super Bowl VI, the Cowboys first Super Bowl victory over the Miami Dolphins.

Next up is the Legend himself, Head Coach Tom Landry, celebrating victory with his players.

Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones - Did He Finally Get it Right?

With the addition of Passing Game Ccordinator Linehan, it's nice to know that Jerry finally got it right!
Congratulations should be extended for a job well done!

Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Victories - when Real Football in Dallas was the Norm

I thought it was time for a little reminiscing, back to a time when Winning football was the real attraction in Dallas, not glitz and glamour. Enjoy the parade of pics from Super Bowl VI, the Cowboys first Super Bowl victory over the Miami Dolphins.

Next up is Mr Cowboy, The original draft pick of the Cowboys, Original Doomsday Defensive Tackle #74 Bob Lilly.

Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Victories - When Real Football is Dallas Was The Norm!

I thought it was time for a little reminiscing, back to a time when Winning football was the real attraction in Dallas, not glitz and glamour. Enjoy the parade of pics from Super Bowl VI, the Cowboys first Super Bowl victory over the Miami Dolphins.

Next up is the Wide Receiver and return man, The Fast Human #22 Bullet Bob Hayes

Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Victories - A Time When Real Football was The Norm

I thought it was time for a little reminiscing, back to a time when Winning football was the real attraction in Dallas, not glitz and glamour. Enjoy the parade of pics from Super Bowl VI, the Cowboys first Super Bowl victory over the Miami Dolphins.

First up is Running Back #33 Duane Thomas

Pro Football Hall of Fame - The Travesty of Dallas Cowboys' Charles Haley

It is a truly sad fact to report that former Dallas Cowboys' player Charles Haley has failed to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame for the fifth time.

This is truly amazing because Charles Haley is the only NFL player in history to earn five Super Bowl Rings.

It's almost inconceivable that he would miss this deserved honor this many times.

If there's any question about Charles' ability, ask Jimmy Johnson, who brought the two time Super Bowl Champion to the Cowboys for another three NFL Championship wins.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Jones - The Thoughts & Smells of Old School Fans

For many fans who are used to seeing their beloved 'Pokes in the NFL playoffs on a very, very regular basis, this mire of mediocrity produced by the current General Manager has become unbearable. I regularly hear fans who grew up with The Cowboys in the 60's and 70's tell me that they no longer watch the Cowboys.

And the reason for this behavior?

You guessed it! General Manager Jerry Jones!

Believe it or not, they don't seem overly enamored with the product on the gridiron. OK, OK!!! I'll modify that. They're not enamored at all with the product on the field!

In other words, compared to the tradition of winning that most have grown up with, the last decade and a half has been everything but desirable. And the lingering staleness of continuing mediocrity seems to have created a rather unsavory aroma to the noses of fans used to the refreshing air of success.

In short, there is a stench wafting public from the offices at Valley Ranch.

So, in an effort to do my part to assist Jerry Jones perform due diligence as General Manager, I highly  recommend that Jerry Jones the Owner freely mandate the following product as a necessity for all walking through the turnstiles at AT&T Stadium this next season.